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How's life been treating you all? Hopefully good! Decided to give little update because there's something what I need to get out of my chest. But other things first!

My visit here in Helsinki has been kind of good so far. I have had fun time with my sis (mostly by playing Warriors Orochi 3) and I have buy some nice stuffs! I bought new shoes, new jakcet, one huge mug, Asian candies, caramel flavored ho chocolate from small fancy store (but that chocolate is dark and it taste bad), super sweet scent candles (strawberries, vanilla, roses and blueberry cake), animal skin printed decoration pillow cover, bra, blond hair color and I ate in my favorite restaurant. I also bought few Christmas gifts to my sis, her roommate, my mom and to 2 friends. Hopefully they will like them! I also got some gifts from my sis and her roommate from Japan! My sis gave me small pic where's Grimmjow and Ichigo from Bleach, little poster about Kagami and Aomine from Kuroko no Basket (I feel she gave me something else but I cannot remember :'D). Her roommate gave me 2 small towels (adorable ones), one cute cat fan, 2 lucky bells and one cat paw phone strap and it's so fluffy and soft!! >w< I sent pics after Christmas because part of the gifts my sis has wrap in Christmas paper because I asked that.

Also my sis bought me, from net, one Grimmjow yaoi doujinshi what I looked earlier but then someone bought it and I haven't seen it since then until now! It was done very nicely and it was cheap so hurray! I can't wait it! There's one scarf and one other item what my sis bought me because I asked her to (I gave her money to all 3 items). After all if I would had buy them, they would have go to my place and because none isn't there to take those packages, post office would had sent them back so this solution was better. Oh, almost forgot! I bought myself Keiji Meada keyring yesterday! Or actually I ordered it and now I need to wait that store to send me payment email so that I can pay it :) (thought I still need to think should I ask them to send it here or to my place) I also so badly would like to buy one very beautiful and tall skid with high glass dome so that I could buy fake animal skull in it but the store, where I saw it, it's so fucking expensive!! T__T Way too expensive, sob sob sob!

So far, during this trip, I also have met some new people and specially 2 of them have been amazing!

For example I visited in one spiritual stone / - crystal store and I found really lovely stone (big) and even that it was quite expensive I knew I would regret it if I wouldn't buy it. I went to pay it and that sweet "older" lady asked was it for me or as a gift to someone so I said it's for me. She then took this small iron stick thing closing her eyes and pointing that thing toward the stone, saying numbers out loud, then some words and again some numbers. I think this took about a minute before she opened her eyes and looked at me saying; "This stone is perfect for you! I recommend you to keep this stone near you when you sleep 'cause you surely will get messages trough this stone. I also recommend you to start to keep dream diary." I was extremely happy to hear that! Since then I have keep that stone under my pillow every night but I still should buy small notebook where I could write all important things from my dreams right away when I wake up 'cause usually those things from dreams, what are MOST important, slips away from your mind few seconds after you wake up... and it's really annoying. Dream diary otherwise I will keep with my laptop. It's faster to write with computer than with pencil on paper :'D

I also met my sis' roommate's working partner and even that she didn't spoke to me (I only listened her speaking to sis' roommate) she sounded to be kind of nice guy but also a little negative as well. I also met, for a second time, sis' roommate's best friend and she's so wonderful person! Spiritual, positive, so happy and joyful and she had great sense of humor! I normally don't show my true self to other people or get along with them at all who I don't know yet / have met them few times but with her I was myself right away and we had so much fun together while playing Warriors Orochi 3! She never hadn't play those games and she was little unsure how she would do but I was there to guide her and she pretty soon got a hang of it, unlike my sis who still needs my help :'D But yeah, she liked that game so much that I managed to get her to buy that game, and also Dynasty Warriors 8, to herself from near by GameStop store! Even my big sis is planning on buying WO3 to herself :D
And then I also met sis' roommate's boyfriend... No offensive but the best word to describe that guy is "loose / lax" person with low gray energy plus he's some sort of hippie. His energy isn't negative nor too good either but there still is something what makes me dislike him and my sis dislikes him as well because of the same reason. Plus he NEVER talks to us, never. He only talks to roommate.

He just shows up here often with sis' roommate and they never bother to ask is it okay for them to come here from my sis etc. For example when I was going to come here in Helsinki earlier (2 months ago) my sis had ask that from roommate and she had said she don't want me here then and it was perfectly fine to me and my sis so why the heck she can't ask that same from my sis when her boyfriend is going to come here. That guy is really getting on me and my sis' energies. We both are positive and our energy is lighter than his so his negative and heavy energy effects on us hard. He can be here one day but then he needs to leave because we absolutely can't be around him longer than that. For example he came here with roommate yesterday and he stayed the night and, first of, I had to stay awake to around 4am because I couldn't go to sleep even that I was extremely tired because they were kissing behind the wall so loud that it honestly sounded if they were next to me, that guy made lots of SUPER ANNOYING low and loud "Mmmmmm" sounds and then they had SEX! Like gees thanks! I wanted to sleep but instead I had to listen them having sex... And they didn't even try to do it quietly... I have been "forced" to listen people to have sex before and it always has make me feel so sick and disgusted. I told about that to my sis who sent text message to roommate (I don't know what she wrote to her but it's not even my business) and of course roommate had got angry about it. But heck that guy have 2 places where they could go have sex and be together so why the heck they come here. Also that roommate has change because of that guy. When the guy is around she never spoke to us, her best friend was here spending a weekend and that guy was here too but that guy nor the roommate didn't say anything to her. I really wanted to yell to roommate something like "She's your best friend and you are totally ignoring her!" she would had been lonely for sure if I wasn't here because my sis was working. Like URGH!! Honestly! Also that guy with his energy is getting so hard on my sis that today my sis came home from work, went in her room and when roommate left out with him for a moment, I soon heard my sis' silent voice behind me and when I turned around I saw she had cried. She asked me to help her to clean this apartment's energy with her because she's so stressed about that guy and his energy. Of course I jumped up to help my sis and together we cleaned this apartment (we kept balcony's door open so that negative energy would go out, sprayed salt water all around the apartment, burned candles, played spiritual music and jingled some bells. It helped.) The energy in this apartment is now SO much more better, brighter and lighter! I can feel the difference so clearly, specially on my back. I literally spent whole day sitting in the dark in front of my laptop and I could feel this heavy weight on my back what pushed me forward toward the floor and I knew it was that man's energy because right away when he left and we cleaned this place, the weight from my back left. They came back though but my sis asked them to leave saying that she really isn't in that shape now that she could handle them and they agreed to leave. After all my sis has told them both that she stress so much when that guy is here. It's not that he can't be or stay here but he does that so often and my big sis doesn't want to be rude and ask them to spend little less time here often. Instead she is willing to sacrifice her own well being. Even today she said she feels guilty for asking them to leave but I told her that she did the right thing because my sis needs time to be alone and I said that if I'm bothering her too, she can tell me and I can go spend a day in the city so she can be alone.

I feel both sad and angry how roommate and that guy don't have any common country sense and they don't even think about my sis and my sis in the other hand wants to be friendly and kind all the time without wanting to hurt them etc. Plus it's more than clear that roommate's and that guy's relationship won't last. You can feel it so clearly. This is just some karma relationship what they need to go trough. I just wish it would go over soon so my sis could be in peace again. *sigh* Now I really wish I would live in this city near my sis so she could come to my place, away from that guy. It's not funny or anything good to see your sis cry because of someone else who stress her so much...

Though we decided to try our best to ignore that guy's energy when he's here. We will do funny things together, like watching new animes (if someone wants to recommend some anime, please do so!) and we even planned to go visit SeaLife together before Christmas. And in the beginning of January we probably will go to visit Tallinn (and actually I hope we could go there together or then with roommate but without the guy). *sigh* But yeah, all I can do is to try to support my sis and hope that roommate's and that guy's relationship comes to an end soon or that they would stop spending so much time here.

Sorry for the long rant but like I said in the beginning, I need to get this out of my heart and I feel so much more better already after writing this journal. Thank you all who had enough time and patience to read this. It means a lot.

Have a good day!
Also if I don't write another journal before Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! :blowkiss:

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ENGL4ND Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hey I just wanted t let you know that you have great art and a great username!
I can see your a vegeta fan too correct?
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, I'm glad :D
Though I'm not so happy about my username anymore. I would like to change it but then again my watchers know me as VLL in here so that's why I haven't change my name (yet). Plus people seem to think that my username literally means that what it says when it doesn't. I have great respect toward Vegeta instead of some (sexual) fantasies where I would be his lover etc. That's one reason why I want to change my name.

Well I have been Vegeta's fan 10-11 years but currently I'm not so huge fan of his anymore. I mean I still do like him but because he doesn't have anything to teach me currently, he's standing on the back, letting other fictional characters to support, teach and help me currently. I know it sounds weird but fictional characters are supporters and teachers to me. For example from Vegeta I learned to stand up and defense myself and from Gan Ning I'm surely learning that chill positive attitude what he have. Hahah have to admit, they are better teachers than human :'D
ENGL4ND Featured By Owner 4 days ago
well I understand, maybe it can be something like vegeta-fan or vegeta-lover?

ah I see! it happens all the time! ive been a vegeta fan ever since I was 6 or so!
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If I change my name it will be Nei-Ning. I don't want to have username where's Vegeta's name anymore because I'm not THAT huge fan of his anymore.

I have been Vegeta's fan since 2002-2003 when DBZ came in Finland and in that time I was about 15-16 years old. Now I'm 28 years old so I think this is perfect age to stop being so huge fan of his :'D Or actually I haven't been into DBZ at all anymore the last 1 year but I still draw Vegeta every now and then aka super rarely.
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ManiacChic Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist
Hi, here is link of the picture I coloured…
Kairi2805 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
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Hi hi :wave:

I just wanted say hi and let there an lovely greeting ^_^


Lg Kairi ^^
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi hi! :wave: Sorry that I didn't answer on your note. I saw it last night but I was extremely tired (have been sleeping SSSOOO badly last 4 nights T__T) so I thought I will answer to you when I'm more energy but you had sent me this hello message in that time instead :'D
Kairi2805 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi ^^

No problem. awww i hope you have sleep better now!? :hug:
Yeah i know that feel didn´t sleep well last days too... so the Nerhy. So the nergy is adopted! V_V"

yupp yupp i did :D
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Sorry for the late late reply. My internet limit was almost full and now I can use my sis' roommate's wireless internet with no limitations so yay! :D

I have start to sleep little better but I still have restless nights and dreams and I wake up many times during the night which isn't normal for me and that's why I'm so tired.
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