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Last week's Tuesday I took my laptop to fixer in near by city with my mom and because installing Vista in my laptop again took so many hours (6.5 hours) mom and I went to spend that time to my grandmother's (mom's mom) place. We had good time there and grandmother got some company as well because I feel she's kind of lonely. When we left and we were already at the parking area, she called my mom and asked me to go see her. I went back to her and she asked when my birthday is and I told her I already had them. She gave me 50 euros (63USD) and then she gave me another 50 euros saying; "Give this to your sister when you see her." I normally don't hug peoples but in this case I hugged her and thanked her so much. After all that much money was so very welcome because I really need to buy new shoes because my current ones aren't good to my feet anymore. Wearing them and walking with them hurts my feet so much... Oh, I also got my new very beautiful and antique looking table lamp that day what I ordered! It looks so amazing and it was so cheap! But after that long day, I came back to my apartment with my laptop, took some of my stuff with me and went with mom to her place and oh how nicely warm her apartment is while mine is so darn cold! And my cats, those lovely furballs! :heart: It was wonderful to see them and they seemed to be happy as well! And mom's sauna - OOHHH! GOD! :love:

Then in Wednesday mom and I went to near by market to buy some food and we walked near by the manga shelf and I haven't watch in any manga self in any stores in a LONG time but that day I just suddenly looked at the self and I literally was going to scream and go hyper! First manga what my eyes spotted was DEADMAN WONDERLAND MANGA NUMBER 1!!! HOLY SHIT! Just little while ago I was so sad with my thoughts about how there's no any DmW stuff in Finland and now Universe had bring that manga to me this way! Just guess who has to buy all the other mangas of DmW as well! 8D This still feels so unreal... I actually have Deadman Wonderland manga and more is to come! I... dhhsduasdvaskhgvdxausvabsdhdf!!!! :excited: I CAN'T TAKE THIS! I'M SO HAPPY! (do you see now, people? Dreams and wishes do come true if you make a wish and trust it will come true and be patient as well ;) )

Then in Thursday I helped mom to clean her apartment's living room and it was fun to be able to do something else than sit on the floor in front of the laptop almost 24/7. Friday I relaxed with cats and then in Saturday mom and I went to have little shopping in near by farm city and that trip and whole day was just awesome! I found so much nice stuffs from markets and I also bought dark red roses to my mom because it was her birthday. I remember how in that day's morning I wished that day to be good to mom because it indeed was her birthday and while we were in the market and mom was playing some Egypt slot game and she had only 0.20€ left in the machine and she hadn't won anything from that game yet (but she had won a lot of money from other machines in other markets in that day) and she then suddenly, almost yelled, at me that she won 82 euros (103USD) with that 0.20€! That's fucking lot in those games! :'D But it was so perfect birthday gift to her from Universe :D But that day was so good to mom and it was very happy day to me as well. It has been so long when I actually have had THAT good day when I actually have been feeling super happy and energy a whole day.

In Saturday evening I was wondering should I sent text message to my dad and ask can I come to visit him tomorrow (Sunday) but for a some reason I had this very powerful feeling that I shouldn't / wouldn't be able to go visit him, but I sent him the text anyway and he called me. He said that his fiance's sister and brother will come to visit because they will go in forest to gather lingonberrys and my dad hates his fiance's brother because... Lets just say he's not that kind of person at all who you want to be friends with. He's not the most kind one and he have done so much bad and horrible things to other people (including his mom, sisters, father and other villagers) so dad said that he won't be home and I said that even if he would be home, I don't want to come to visit when there's other peoples as well. I always have been like that. If I would be going to go visit someone but I know they will / they have visitors, then I don't go. I just can't stand other people / visitors.

Well, then because I didn't go to my dad's place in Sunday, my mom and I decided to clean her bedroom and it took 7.5 hours to clean that room but it's super clean now :D I will go visit mom again in next month's first and second week so we then will clean the kitchen and hallway's closet and then her whole house is cleaned and super clean! I also can, hopefully, visit my dad then as well. Plus I will be heading to spend Christmas and New year to my sis's place in 6th of December and I already bought a train ticket because they are on sale at the moment ~ :boogie: Normal ticket costs 70-90€ (88-113 USD) and now I got my ticket ONLY with 10€ (12USD) :D
But yeah, I came back to my own apartment today and this place is so cold and freezing compared to my mom's over warm house :'D But I really like warm house more than cold house. I think I will have to buy one extra warmer (battery) in my apartment to keep it warm.

Have to be honest though. As much as I like this small apartment of mine, it doesn't feel good anymore or make me happy. This building, this city, this part of the country... they all sucks,they bore me and I so badly would want to move away. And even more I wish to be able to move away because employment office and social office are panting on the backside of my neck (trying to force me to get a job but they just don't seem to get that a person like me, with no so much experience and no other education than secondary school, can't get a job so easily and how many people are getting fired all the time. Plus this "city" is so small that there just isn't a job for me) and I need to go talk with them in 14th of this month and I'm not excited or happy about it at all. I have told them my situation, my dreams and my plans but it seems that they don't take me seriously or believe me...

I also should go to see a doctor. I know I have hammerhead little toes (their heads turns under my nameless toes), but I have something wrong with my heels. If I stand long (like yesterday that 7.5 hours while cleaning) like 30 min while doing dishes, my heels starts to hurt so much (and this started in 2012)! It's so painful to walk and after yesterday walking has been extremely painful and only way how I can walk is to walk on my toes but then that will hurt my little toes... I talked about that pain in my heels to mom and she said that she once had the same and there's some "bag" next to heel bone what had got infected so I think I might have the same. Though mom had only one heel what was "sick" while I have both and I surely will get
elbow sticks (like my mom got) but I think I need to heal one heel at the time. Otherwise I should get a wheelchair if I want to heal both of them at the same time :'D I also could ask the doctor could they take x-rays about my feet. I'm sure there's something else than just hammerhead illness on my little toes. With exercising they should had got back straight but exercising only hurt them so there has to be something.

I think I try to call hospital tomorrow and book a time to nurse or doctor. I also have to remember to ask about my ears. They are itching and they hurt if I clean them and that exactly same thing happens if I don't clean them! And this has been going on about 4 years now.

But enough of this now!
I will try to draw and write more when I get better internet (I'm planning to buy / order a net without any internet limitation!) and I also want to thank those few wonderful people who have buy some figures and doujinshis from me! :blowkiss: It has mean so much to me!
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My sister :iconniuniente: and my brother :iconmifang:

Part of my friends and watchers ^w^

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