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And that's a fact. January was actually quite good month and something awesome (to me personally) has happen as well and I want to share them with you guys (even that there's probably just few people who are interested of reading my journals or / and believes me :'D)

So lets start telling few weeks back;
I was walking back home from post office and I also bought pizza from near by pizzeria because I honestly wanted to have pizza (I eat pizzas rarely) and while going home, there was this young man who came towards me with his Rottweiler which had long leash.

The man didn’t notice the dog (he was too focused on his phone) when she came to me sniffing my legs and then he saw that and called his dog back. He was sorry about the happening but I just laughed it was okay ‘cause I’m not afraid of dogs (plus I come from family where we always have had male German Shepherds). He then smiled at me and asked; “You wanna pet her?” and I said; “If you let me.” and he allowed me to pet her! She was so cute and so lovely and so kind nature! Truly adorable girl! <3 Though she tried to take my pizza so then the owner and myself laughed at her that she surely have her own dainties at home :D
After the petting I bowed slightly to the guy and thanked him for this opportunity because I never haven’t met or be that close to Rottweiler ever in my life so I was truly happy and thankful and he seemed to be so glad about it.

I also bought new phone (smartphone, Nokia Lumia 635) to myself and last week I finally got my SIM-card activated so I managed to try my new phone - only to realize that I can’t use it. All the movements in the phone made me feel SO SICK that I, for hours, felt like I could go and puke and faint. I loved that phone otherwise but it’s no use when I can’t use it. I mean I have very weak head that if I turn my head too fast, if I lift it too fast or get up too fast everything starts to spin in my eyes and I feel like fainting and puking. Luckily I was able to send that phone back to the store (I might have to pay a little to them about the phone because I used it a little).

Also something amazing happened in last week's Thursday. I was in my Tumblr when I saw my big sis' post where she had write messages to  person who she follows in there. She also had write me this one short message which said; "I just want to say one thing to you; you will become a Great Master someday. I simply know it. Keep going on the way you have keep going so far!" and that, my dear followers, made me burst in tears SO hard. It was something what hit my heart and soul so hard. It was something what I never haven't heard from anyone ever. None never hasn't courage me like she did with those words. I cried 30min in a ROW, unable to stop or calm down! Last time I cried like that in 2008-2009 when my first pet hamster died. No matter how hard I tried. I cried and cried and cried and cried - and that cry was so different from original cries of mine. This cry was pure. There was no happiness nor sadness or any other emotions. It was pure cry. Then the next 30min I slowly started to manage to calm myself, still sobbing though, and I felt so different. I felt so light, so stable and like if I had reach new spiritual level and since that day I have been feeling totally different. I honestly feel myself so much lighter, so much more happier and I have start to laugh SO MUCH more than ever before. I laugh at the smallest things what never wouldn't had make me laugh before etc. I feel I have changed. I also noticed that my eyes have changed. They feel more light as well, they look different even that I know they are my eyes etc. That cry burst in Thursday changed me for good, to better, and I'm super thankful and happy about that.

I also noticed another change in myself. I lately have been listening a lot of one Finish male singer’s songs what I used to listen a lot when I was little girl and I specially always have love a song where a prince goes to war to protect his kingdom and his lady will wait for him, hoping and wishing him to return back alive. In Thursday I realized that the reason, why I always have love that song so much, is because it reminds me of my own previous life. I have been a woman in that life and my husband has go to war so every evening I have been wishing and waiting his safe return. That’s why even in this life, always in those evenings when I’m outside watching stars, I miss something or someone very strongly. My whole heart and soul is filled with strong longing. You guys can’t believe how much I started to cry after I realized all that…

I also had a dream 2 nights ago where I saved white unicorn who came to get some help from me. I looked what unicorn can symbol in a dream and I got so wonderful answers that I couldn't do anything else than cry (Gosh, I have cry a lot, almost daily, since Thursday! I also listened one Japanese song from Mushishi anime and suddenly I saw this old small Japanese farm village in front of my eyes and it made me cry so much. Past lives memories are coming up which makes me happy 'cause I have been longing to remember my past lives for years.)

1. Dreaming a white unicorn – The white unicorn as a symbol in the dream is very good omen. This symbol announces that you are moving toward better life. The unicorn helps you to reach your goals or desires. It leads you and helps you to avoid barriers in your way. Also an unicorn in the dream symbolizes purity and clearness of personality, the ability to learn, to accept new opportunities and way of thinking.

2. You are riding on, walking or flying with an unicorn in the dream – Means that you are tired because of the worries or hard work, or painful experiences. The unicorn appeared in the dream to help you and to heal your inner world. This dream will bring you success in solving your problems, this will bring you to better life.

But as a last words I want to say something about my pet hamster, Anwar. Even that I haven't handle him like at all, he's still brave one! I placed some seeds on my hand, placing it then in his cage and he rushed to my hand right away and climb to sit on it while starting to eat those seeds. I was able to move my hand in the cage and he just sat and ate :D When he was younger he jumped off on my hand right away when I moved it even a little bit. After he was done eating, he started to lick my palm! IT'S THE CUTEST FEELING EVER! That small hamster tongue on your palm licking ever so gently :heart: Plus he made me laugh yesterday. I gave him some news paper pages to shred, and he had shredded everything into small pieces, except an add of Jesus! :'D Do I have religious hamster in my house?

There's one more thing! About 5 more months and I will be going to LONDON!! :excited: I have managed to save money nicely already! I have managed to save 670 euros (758USD) already to that trip but I keep saving money all the way to the beginning of July ~ I'm sure I can get 1000€ (1131USD) saved easily. Of course not all of that money goes to a trip with me. Part of the money, about half of it, I save because I want to move in Helsinki next year because it most likely won't happen this year. But uuhhh this year feels SO GOOD! Whenever I think about this year I feel so good that there's no words! Never any other year has make me feel like this. I'm so looking forward to this year and I'm sure it's one of the bests :heart:

But now I vanish to draw some Leo-Raph arts ~
Hopefully you all have wonderful day / night! Stay positive, happy and smile! <3


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My sister :iconniuniente: and my brother :iconmifang:
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