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WARNING! If you haven't see that movie yet but you are going to watch it - don't read this journal because here's little bit of spoils! Thanks!

Okay so I mentioned in my previous journal that when I was visiting my big sis we planned on going to movies and I wanted to go to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 movie but that didn't happen. I'm not movie person at all because movies are usually just so damn lame to me and uninteresting shit but when I saw a trailer in TV about TMNT movie I really wanted to go see it and I felt bad because I couldn't.

In Monday I saw that movie as DVD in market and right away, when I took it in my hind, my stomach was filled with very strong tingling feeling. I decided to trust that feeling and bought the movie. However I got to watch it only in Tuesday evening and OH MY GOD! Like I said, I'm not movie person at all but THAT.FUCKING.MOVIE.STOLE.MY.HEART.RIGHT.AWAY! It's actually so fucking good that since Tuesday I have watch it once a day! At first, when I was watching it, I thought those turtles looked kind of ugly but the more I watched the movie, the more I started to like their look and now I absolutely love it how they look (except Mikey, he looks kind of scary :'D) and the actors and their voices are just so perfect that uuggghh- I can't!! >w< Like I normally never like female actors but Megan Fox is doing quite well as April! She's not some helpless bitch who just whines and do nothing. I love women with guts :D

And surely it's hard to guess who's my favorite of the turtles... Yeah, it's Raphael (Raph) :'D But hell who don't love and like him?! He's tallest of them all, he have those fucking huge muscles, scars, injuries, heart stopping voice, that hot head nature etc. Just perfect package! <3 and I actually adore it how much Raph shows up in the movie and I think it's because Raph seems to be the only one with issues with himself / others (like instead of talking about his personal feelings, thoughts etc. he just snap to say something angrily to others.) Of course at the end of the movie he finally speak honestly, telling what he feels deep inside of his heart and I adore strong man who can speak about their feelings and show what's in their heart. Of course it will turn lame if they show it all the time / too often, but every now and then is perfect :D

One thing is something what I don't understand (but I don't even need to actually) is the fact that because of the movie and the fact that Raph and April spends a lot of time together in that movie some people seems to think that there's something hot going on between them while I only see huge, cold and rude turtle who, deep inside, cares about his brothers, master and friend (April) and does everything in his power to protect them all and keep them safe. There's nothing hot going on between them :'D Plus April have Vern in the movie!

Anyway, I loved that movie so much that I had to order it from market via internet as a Blu-ray version too! It should arrive in next week so weeehhh!! :excited: My next mission is to learn to draw Raph <3 Plus I also would love to buy one Raph sculpture but it seems there's only model sculpture done and when and if some corporation starts to make those sculptures... I have no idea how much it's going to cost. I read someone saying in the net that if some really good corporation (don't remember the name) starts to make them, the price can easily be about 900 - 1000 dollars which is FUCKING MUCH so I seriously doubt that price.

You can see the sculpture here ->… and here ->…

It's so beautiful, so big and so detailed that OH PLEASE! I WANT THAT OR I WILL KILL MYSELF! >u<

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My sister :iconniuniente: and my brother :iconmifang:
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Thank you :D Glad you like it! However I have been wanting to change it over a 2 years now 'cause I haven't been Vegeta fan in years anymore. I still do like him in some level but it's not "WOOOOO! VEGETA!!" liking. It's more like; "Yeah, you're good. I like you."
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yea i get what your saying 

I'm more of a goku fan lol he's the best <3

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And many more but I think this is enough for now xD
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Happy new year to you too!
Ah sorry, but I usually / never watch those people who start to watch me. I watch only few rare people who's arts I honestly and truly like. Plus what I checked your gallery it seems that you draw Dragon Ball arts and I haven't been Dragon Ball fan in over a year anymore. I was DBZ fan over 10 years and then I just got so bored of it that it's very rare for me to find / like any DBZ stuffs in these days anymore.
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