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Okay, this month has been something.

At first I had to call and book a time to a nurse at 8th of October. She was so super nice older woman and she had so wonderful sense of humor that I my God, best trip to hospital ever! :D She checked my ears because the last 4-5 years they have been very itching and painful and she said I have way too dry ears (what I suspected) so she ordered me to go buy some oil what can be used on dry skin everywhere so I bought it and it has start to help my ears even that they still are itching and painful. That nurse also gave me a time to doctor because of my feet and I got that time to 14th day. I also had to go to employment office that day and I had made a plan with my big sister there. I told them (social worker and employment office worker) my plans which were that my first priority is to find apartment from Helsinki (Finland's main city) and move there 'cause here's absolutely NOTHING to me and this place doesn't make me feel good or home etc. and I also would like to find a job and work with wage subsidy (which means that country pays 85% of my salary and my boss would pay the rest 15%) and I also would like to get education. I would like to become a massage therapist to animals but the only education place to that is in Helsinki. I was so happy and excited about that plan because it really is something what I honestly would like to do and it seems that social office worker was impressed / happy about my plans BUT that employment office woman wasn't. She looked at me saying that am I honestly serious about moving to Helsinki or is it just something "Well, I just wish this etc.". Plus she didn't seem to like the idea of my education plan either.

We talked some more and she just kept pushing me to agree to have a trainee job instead of everything else and I told her that it's not
economically good choice for me (like it is) and she just kept saying to me that to me most important thing should be WORKING, NOT THE MONEY! Um, hello? How do I pay my rent, bills and live if money from job isn't important to me? We talked some more and then she snapped out of nowhere. She started to hit her hand against her desk staring at me so angrily saying with raised voice; "Just say it straight if you have anything to say!" (even I had told her my reasons many time already) In this moment I started to get angry, because I do not accept that kind of behavior toward me from anyone, so I raised my voice a bit as well as I told her that I won't accept any job until I have managed to get my legs checked by doctor (because I had to go to see doctor after employment office visit) and that shut her up. We made final plan and then I was able to leave and headed to hospital which is few minutes walking trip away. Doctor called me in after some waiting and she checked my feet, while I told her that my little toes and heels are very painful that I cannot stand or walk long, telling me to exercise them but I told her I cannot because it's too painful but she still recommended me to do so (so one night I did that and I didn't sleep at that night because of the pain what was in my toes). She gave me a phone number to x-ray side of hospital and I called there and got time to 21th day. I went there and it was nice and fast operation (it's all weird because I never before basically haven't had a need to go to hospital etc. because I have had a good healthy life without accidents, mostly :'D) and today, 24th day of October, doctor called me and told me little info about the x-ray pics even that x-ray doctor hadn't done his / her explanation about the pics yet.

My doctor said that my little toes are okay even that they have this hammerhead illness (my little toes heads turns under nameless toes), my right heel is okay as well but my left heel is not so okay. It seems there's little infection in my left heel and also my left heel's bone seems to start to have create so called (in Finish) "bone spike" /
"bone proliferation" (is this the right word?) so no wonder that my left heel is more painful than right one. I cannot stand still more than some seconds before the pain hits hard in my heel but standing is hard other ways as well - I should try to keep my weight on my whole feet but I can't because it really starts to hurt my heel and if I try to move my weight more on my toes, it starts to hurt on my little toes... So yeah :'D

Plus my left side of the body has start to act / be weird in the last couple of days. My left ear has got more painful, my left hipbone has get painful that lifting and turning my feet like that what effects on hipbone is painful and my left knee (which I know got some damage 4-5 years ago when I fell down the stairs at winter time outside and my knee got stuck and twisted between 2 stairs) is painful as well and if I sit my legs crossed, which I do a lot, getting my left leg straight is painful and slow operation... Plus the pain ALWAYS comes to that knee when weather gets more cold and it has start to be cold in Finland plus there's already little bit snow there and there on the ground (YYAAAAYYY!!! Winter, cold and snow is the best thing / season in whole year! The more colder - the better :heart: )

But yeah, the funny thing is that all those 3 happenings; employment office and doctor visit happened in Tuesday, that x-ray visit was in Tuesday and next week's Tuesday that doctor will call me again :'D many busy Tuesdays in this month, huh? Though I hope that you guys have had better time than I have :'D
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Part of my friends and watchers ^w^

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mewa123 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hello, how have you been?
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Basically I have been doing fine (waiting to go spend whole December to my big sis' place :love: ) but my left feet has start to be a problem. I have small infection as well as small "bone spike" in my left heel, my left knee is painful (though it surely broke 4-5 years ago when I fell down the icy stairs at winter) and now my left hip has get painful as well and what I checked about the symptoms in the net, it could be that I have infection in my left hip as well :'D

I hope you have been better than I have :D
mewa123 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I hope you feel better! Everything's been going good for me! I just got done writing another chapter in a fanfic that I'm currently working on.
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I do feel better if I don't use my left feet too much but then again, letting it rest too much gives it pains too :'D But my doctor will call me in Tuesday so I will ask that does she have time to meet me and check my hip. I also would like to ask her to send me in x-ray because I would like to have a pic about my knee.

Aah, I haven't write or draw anything now in a long time so to say. Don't have ideas, energy or even inspiration -__-
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FireFlower94 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Would you point commissions? :p
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like to hear your commission first before I make the decision :)
FireFlower94 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Oki! I'll PM you soon!
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be waiting :D
SerenityDragonhart Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the llama :D :hug:
VegetasLittleLover Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are most welcome! I always give llama back if I get one :D
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